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ClipperCreek’s Brandon Bolton surprised co-workers last week when he arrived to work in his brand new Chevy Bolt. Bolton (indeed a befitting name for a new Bolt owner) is a Product Specialist at ClipperCreek. He had a few minutes to answer some questions about his exciting purchase.

Q: Congratulations on your new Chevy Bolt, Brandon. You must be driving one of the first Bolts in the country! Tell me a bit about how you decided on the Bolt.

A: I was really enticed by the Volt when they released the latest generation model in 2015. I thought it was really sleek and loved how Chevy seemed to be upping their game. Then they announced the Bolt was releasing in 2016 and I had to put the Volt on hold and see what the Bolt was all about. I’d heard nothing but good things about the Volt so I figured the Bolt wouldn’t fall too far from the tree. From what I can tell, they put a lot of what they learned with the Volt into the Bolt and having 200+ miles of electric range for only a little more than a new Volt was too much to pass up.


Q: What were you driving prior to the Bolt?

A: I had a first generation Chevy Cruze 2011. After my experience with the Cruze, I was hesitant about trusting a Chevy again. Quite a few problems arose with that car that would not be expected for such a modern vehicle. But with all electric requiring less maintenance overall than a standard ICE car and their track record with the Volt and Spark, I felt comfortable at least giving the Bolt a shot. After seeing it in person and going for my initial test drive any nervousness was gone and I was left thoroughly impressed!

Q: Obviously you get EV parking and charging at work; do you plan to install a Level 2 charging station at home?

A: Definitely! Even though I can charge at work, you never know when you need to make that long journey “somewhere” or run around all over town and need to get the battery charged up quick. Using the standard charger that the car comes with leaves you out of commission for nearly two days if you ever need to recover from say being out Friday night and needing to take a long trip on Saturday. You have to have a Level 2 to make sure you get a reasonable amount of charge back when you need it.

Q: First road trip planned?

A: I collect (music) records, so I’m going to take a trip as soon as possible to San Francisco where they have a great selection (of records). Should be able to make it from where I live and back (about 100 miles one way). Also, it’ll take some planning, but I can’t wait to try to get to LA from Sacramento. Very excited that it’s now possible do take that trip all electric without an ungodly number of stops or having the money for a Tesla.

We wish Brandon many happy zero emissions miles in his new Chevy Bolt!

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