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EV Charging Station Installation: Hardwired vs. Plug-In

Q: What is the difference between a hardwired installation and a plug-in installation?

A: So you’ve done your research and decided on the electric car you’re going to buy, and you’re ready for the next big step: figuring out what kind of charging station to buy.

The first major thing to consider when getting a charging station is making sure you have a safety certified charging station.

The next consideration will be whether you purchase a hardwired charging station or a plug-in unit.

So, what’s the difference? Let’s start with the hardwired charging stations.

Hardwired charging stations can typically be installed indoors or outdoors (check with manufacturer; most ClipperCreek charging stations, whether they are hardwired or plug-in, are rated for installation both indoors or outdoors).

A hardwired station has three feet of flexible conduit coming from the top or bottom of the station (depending on the model) and it has service wires that come out of the conduit about six inches for easy installation into a junction box

When it comes to installation, hardwired units are typically more permanent. They can be moved, but you’d probably need to have an electrician come out to uninstall and then reinstall the unit at your new location.

Plug-in units don’t have the conduit, but instead have a high quality 240V plug that is 12 inches long (this is the longest length allowed per National Electric Code); this includes the plug itself in the measurement.

There’s no standard when it comes to 240V plugs, which is why ClipperCreek offers a wide variety of plugs with our charging stations to fit your needs.  In fact, some homes already have a 240V receptacle and you can order the plug that matches what you already have! This will make the installation cost virtually $0 as you would only have to mount the station and plug-in. If you have a 240V receptacle, but are unsure if ClipperCreek carries the matching plug type, please call us at (877) 694-4194 or email us at Our customer service team can help you determine what type of receptacle you have and which electric car charging stations would be appropriate.

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If you don’t already have a 240V receptacle, you can have an electrician install whatever receptacle matches the plug you purchase. Once the receptacle is installed, simply mount the station to the wall and plug-in!

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