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Q: How do I determine which EV charging station (EVSE) will provide the fastest charge for my vehicle?

A:  This depends on a couple factors. First, on what EV is being charged: different electric vehicles have different battery pack sizes; the battery pack size determines the amount of energy stored in the vehicle.

Secondly, the power going into the EV: different electric vehicles have different power acceptance rates. EV charging stations have various max power delivery ratings.  If the EV charging station offers less power than the vehicle’s maximum acceptance rate, the charging station is the limiting factor in charge time. If the vehicle’s acceptance rate is lower than the EV charging station’s maximum output rate, the vehicle is the limiting factor.

To determine your estimated total charge time divide your electric vehicle’s battery pack rating by whichever number is lower: the vehicle’s acceptance rate, or the EV charging station’s output rate.

For a list of vehicle charge battery pack sizes and charge times you can check visit our blog post “How Long Does it Take To Charge an Electric Vehicle?” Most vehicles will provide this information through the dashboard interface once you plug into a charging station.

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