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TORONTO – One the barriers facing widespread electrical vehicle (EV) adoption is the various elements required to support the charging infrastructure. For site owners looking to support charging stations, that includes easy management.

That’s why one of the pioneers in the EV segment is making it easier to manage charging infrastructure alongside other common building systems such as HVAC, electric and security: ClipperCreek Inc. recently introduced new advanced control interface for its HCS Series EV charging Stations. It comes in the form of an expanded functionality card, dubbed COSMOS, that provides an interface for integrating with building energy management or other third-party monitor and control systems.

ClipperCreek’s COSMOS-enabled HCS charging stations come pre-assembled with a communication conduit for external access to serial and digital load management interfaces. The card-enabled stations are also compatible with the ChargeGuard key-based access control, feature a UART serial communication interface, and are available in 32 amp or 48 amp power levels. There is also a ruggedized option.


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