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Rack Electric

We used Tesla’s Installation Partner here in Boca Raton – Rack Electric. Before we get into the installation process, here is a little info about Rack Electric.

About Rack Electric

“Rack Electric is a state-certified, family-owned and operated electrical contracting company specializing in Commercial & Residential Service, Automatic Standby Generators, New Construction & Sustainable Energy.”

Installation Process

We were very impressed by Rack Electric’s industry expertise and professionalism. The job was done efficiently and the final results were even better than we expected. Everything looks pristine, modern, and we can guarantee complete safety for the cars and people on our property. We highly recommend Rack Electric if you plan on doing a commercial or residential installation.

In short, this was the process for the installation of our 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations:

First, we chose the contractor, which, as mentioned, was Tesla’s Installation Partner – Rack Electric. Of course, we got permits from Boca Raton to set this in motion. As our building is essentially brand new, our power source was good to go.

As for the equipment, we wanted to offer the fastest and most up-to-date charging stations so we bought the Level 2 Electric Vehicle Stations by the two best EV companies – Tesla (obvious choice) and ClipperCreek.


Steps for Installation:
  1. Trenching. Rack Electric planned out the route for the underground conduit. They did a project site walk-through to survey the area looking for any potential challenges.Furthermore, all underground utilities were marked to allow for a smooth trenching operation. They were able to lure underneath the curbing and sidewalk easily.
  1. Panel Boxes The Panel Box was inspected and confirmed to be able to handle the load of electric current and power.
  1. Installation of Conduit They made sure the conduit was deep enough to make sure no pipes were exposed and to also ensure everything was clean and safe.
  1. Inspection of Groundwork and Penetrations Rack Electric inspected all phases of the installation, from the groundwork to the final. Upon a successful inspection, they back-filled the trenches back to the ground’s original consistency. They paid particular attention to solid packing underneath the sidewalk.
  1. Installation of Bracket Footing and Bollards The considerations for the location of the charging stations and the bollards are to make sure the cords will not be a tripping hazard and that they can reach the receptacle on the vehicles. Moreover, there was careful consideration for proper clearance maintained for pedestrian and wheelchair traffic. Once the concrete foundations were poured for the charging stations, a template had been pre-constructed that was essentially the same bolt pattern as the bottom of the units. That was used to attach the foundation bolts and to sink those into the wet concrete to maintain a consistent level with the bottom of the unit. After the concrete sets and dries, they removed the wood template and the bolts were in position and in alignment with the base of the units.
  1. Installation of Charging Station on Mounting Bracket There were individual feeds feeding each station – feeder conductors, neutrals, and green ground wires – that meet all National Electrical Code (NEC 625) standards. Bollards were installed, set and leveled to the optimal height, then concrete was poured around them.
  1. Testing of Charging Units Finally, an engineer from Rack Electric performed functional tests on each unit. Everything passed the tests and we were finished!
How to Use The Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

They are very simple to use. All you need to do is plug them firmly into your vehicle. There will be a blinking green light that lets you know the electricity has made it to the electric vehicle. When the vehicle is complete, it will stop the charge and you will see a solid green light.

Light Color Meanings (on Tesla charge port):

  • White: The charge port door is open. Your car is ready to charge, but the connector is not inserted, or the latch is released and the connector is ready to be removed.
  • Blue: Your car detects that a connector has been plugged in.
  • Blinking Blue: Your car is communicating with the connector. Either it is preparing to charge, or a charging session is scheduled to begin at a specified future time.
  • Blinking Green: Charging is in progress. As your car approaches a full charge, the frequency of the blinking slows.
  • Solid Green: Charging is complete.
  • Solid Amber: The connector is not fully plugged in. Realign the connector to the charge port and insert fully.
  • Blinking Amber: Your car is charging at a reduced current (AC charging only).
  • Red: A fault is detected and charging has stopped. Check the instrument panel or touchscreen for a fault message.


About Diamonds by Raymond Lee

At our core, Diamonds by Raymond Lee is all about family. We are family owned and operated and have a long history in the luxury jewelry market. Over three decades, in fact.

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So, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to come on into our store. We are always ready to help.

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10 EV Charging Stations:

  • 8 Tesla Charging Stations
  • Two universal EV Level 2 Charging Stations for any makes and models

All charging stations are FREE to the public.

Location: Diamonds by Raymond Lee – 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Cars that can be charged: All Electric Vehicle makes and Models.

Charge Time: Full Charge Ranges from 3-6 hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 561-750–7808.

11850 Kemper Rd., Auburn, CA 95603
(877) 694-4194


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