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After years of writing about the delights of EVs, I decided it was time to walk the walk. I bought a 2015 Nissan LEAF from Tampa Hybrids for 12 grand out the door. That was the first delight of going electric – the chance to buy an almost-new vehicle at a bargain price.

While it’s true that new EVs command a substantial premium over comparable legacy vehicles, when it comes to the used market, the reverse is true. A Prius (for example) of comparable age and mileage would have cost me at least 15 big ones. The gas savings are just gravy.

The second delight is of course the driving – once you’ve experienced the silky smooth handling and effortless acceleration of an EV, you’ll never go back to gas.


11850 Kemper Rd., Auburn, CA 95603
(877) 694-4194


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