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By Mark Lyman,

If you’re still driving a gas or diesel-guzzling car or truck, you might be inclined to click past this article. Don’t you dare! Electric Vehicles, (EV’s if you’re in the know), are hitting the mainstream, and if you haven’t already contemplated one as you gaze at the dollars rolling by at the gas pump, you might very well in the near future. Even if your daily driver or work vehicle is a pickup, those are not destined to stay gas or diesel forever. I dipped my toes into the EV market with a small electric vehicle and spent many months using the basic, Level 1 “Occasional Use” charger that accompanied it. A Level 1 EV charger might work fine if you do minimal driving, but if you put on some miles, a Level 2 charger can make a huge difference in your electric vehicle experience. ClipperCreek recently sent us one of their Level 2 chargers so we could share some background on Level 1 vs Level 2 charger differences, why you might want to consider installing a Level 2 charger for your electric vehicle, and what’s involved in a charger installation.


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