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The Hyatt Regency Sacramento just made itself a hub for electric vehicles, installing 25 new charging stations in its garage.

“Most times you see chargers, there are three or five of them,” said Lee Gray, director of finance with the 503-room hotel, which is across the street from the Capitol.

“We wanted to be at the cutting edge,” he said. “We asked to make a bold statement, and went for it. Our ownership really believes in it.”

Earlier this year, Gov. Jerry Brown signed an executive order that sets a target for California to have 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. At this point, “zero-emission” means an electric vehicle.

Seed funding for Hyatt Regency’s project was provided by Tesla Motors Inc. The hotel’s owners, Capitol Regency LLC of San Francisco, provided the remaining $125,000 investment for the installation.

Eight of the chargers are dedicated to the valet parking area, and 17 of them are on the top floor of the garage, with the idea that the garage fills up from bottom to top, so non-electric vehicles will be less likely to park in the charging lots, Gray said.

The chargers are also set up so to serve two parking spaces each.

The Hyatt was an early adapter of charging stations eight years ago, offering a single electric charging station. That first station was opened with a stipend from Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA), which wanted owners of its early roadsters to feel confident making trips from the Silicon Valley to Lake Tahoe.

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