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Latest News from ClipperCreek

The Innovative Technologies in Electric Cars

by Giles Kirkland, Guest Blogger Electric cars have quickly gone from automotive oddities to credible mainstream alternatives and as the technology that powers them continues to improve, it makes electric vehicles truly the transport of the future. But what does the...

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Ruggedized Dual Charging Station announced by ClipperCreek

Auburn, CA -- ClipperCreek, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), just announced its new ruggedized dual electric vehicle (EV) charging station solution, the HCS-D40R. The HCS-D40R is a 32 Amp, level 2 hardwired...

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Free Electric Car Charging Stations in Boca Raton

Reprinted with permission from Diamonds by Raymond Lee Diamonds by Raymond Lee has just installed 10 electric car charging stations at our retail showroom parking lot in Boca Raton. Our parking lot now has 8 Tesla Charging Stations and two Level 2 Electric Car...

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Hot Weather Tips for Electric Vehicles

5 Tips for Maximizing EV Range in Hot Weather High temperatures can make us all feel a bit drained on energy - it's no different with your electric vehicle! Anything that stresses the battery of an electric vehicle, including excessive heat, can cause the...

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New home charger can charge two electric cars at once

The company is well known EVSE manufacturer ClipperCreek, and the EVSE is their new HCS-D40: a 32A, Mode 3 (hardwired) EVSE that can charge two vehicles simultaneously on one 40A circuit. It does this by splitting the charging current between two vehicles,...

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