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“How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle? How many miles of range per hour of charging can I get?” These are two of the most frequently asked questions for the ClipperCreek team.

Here are a couple factors that determine how long it will take to charge your electric vehicle and how many miles of range you can add per hour of charging:

  1. The EV being charged
    • Electric vehicles have battery packs in varying sizes; the battery pack size determines the amount of energy stored in the vehicle.
  2. The power going into the EV
    • Electric vehicles also have varying power ‘acceptance rates.’
    • EV charging stations have various max power delivery ratings.
    • If the EV charging station offers less power than the vehicle’s maximum acceptance rate, the EV charging station is the limiting factor in charge time. If the vehicle’s acceptance rate is lower than the EV charging station’s maximum output rate, the vehicle is the limiting factor.


Determine the Estimated Total Charge Time for your Electric Vehicle:

  • Divide your electric vehicle’s battery pack rating by whichever number is lower: the vehicle’s acceptance rate, or the EV charging station’s output rate. This will give you the total hours to charge from “empty.”
  • Most vehicles will provide this information through the dashboard interface once you plug into an EVSE.
  • We’ve also created a chart to help you determine your vehicle’s charge time using a Level 1 charging station (like the cordset that came in your electric vehicle) and an HCS-40PR, 32Amp Level 2 charging station for comparison.


Quick Reference

Click on the charts below to enlarge and find the charge time and miles of range per hour of charging for every EV currently on the market. Or download the EV Time to Charge and Miles per Hour of Charge Chart as a pdf for future reference. We do update this chart with new electric vehicles as they are introduced in the market.

Level 1 vs Level 2 Charging Times Chart p2
Level 1 vs Level 2 Charging Times Chart

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