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Q: How can I find places to charge my Electric Vehicle (EV) in public?

A: You can visit websites such as or to search by address, city, or zip code to find public electric vehicle charging stations in your area. The websites are also available as apps that you can download to your smart phone for a convenient way to search for public EV charging stations when away from your computer. Some of these sites also map private residences who will let you charge your EV at their home; and you can add your home or business charging station to the map as well.

EVmatch is a peer-to-peer network for electric vehicle (EV) charging where home charging station owners rent their stations to other EV drivers. Any EV driver can reserve and pay for use of an EVmatch charging station in advance to know exactly when and where they’ll charge next. EVmatch stations include Level 1 (110V) and Level 2 (240V) charging stations, and have options for all vehicle types including Tesla. EVmatch operates across Southern California and is quickly expanding across the West Coast of the United States.


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